Posted on July 18 2017




This may be a re-post of news segment, but this video is as bone chilling as they come. This chase apparently took place at night and in the rain, in the state of Georgia. The news journalist asks question after question to get a clear picture of what happened on this night. From what we can tell, this is probably the top story for this town that night, not sure how much else is going on in this area. The next most exciting news clip that night might be what the local cows had for dinner if you know what we mean. Getting back to the actual chase, it sounds like this all started from a broken taillight on the motorcycle. A cop felt the need to pull the bike over, but apparently the rider had other ideas this night. As we’re walked through detail after detail from the state trooper that was involved in the chase, you can see the aftermath in the background. We hate to see scenes like this but sometimes when riders make decisions like this, this is the price you pay. From what we’re told, the troopers attempted a rolling road block with a few other trooper cars. 







From what the trooper says in the interview, the rider approached the rolling road block at about 120mph and appeared to be trying to split the two cars, one of the officers with the intention of avoiding an accident, moved over to the right shoulder as did the rider. The rider locked up the brakes and then hit the troopers car, flipping over the car and hitting a guard rail. So as we were watching this, we assumed the rider didn’t survive the crash, but to our amazement, this southern beauty sure did. The trooper assures us with the fact that there were pulses in all of his extremities and his eyes were open but was refusing to talk to the coppers. To finish the interview off, the interviewer asks the trooper what charges will be filed and it sounds like just about every charge possible will be filed. But the best part is, the bike is stolen so when they say “Ride It Like You Stole It”, this guy took it to another level! As always , here at BikesVsCops.com, we don’t condone running from the cops on motorcycles, but we do think it’s great content to watch! You have to admit, it’s the ultimate cat and mouse game, and like nature, there’s always a real chance something could go really wrong!




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