Posted on September 01 2017




And just when you think you’ve seen it all! We have yet another case of an off-duty cop pulling a gun on an unarmed civilian. What an interesting time we’re living in. Although, I will admit the video picks up late and we’re only seeing what transpires after the bike comes to a stop at an intersection. But unless this rider was waiving and pointing a gun at people while riding, We don’t see the need for him to pull a loading weapon on the rider and keep it pointed at him. Along with the fact that he’s discretely hiding the weapon as he’s demanding identification from the rider. We guess we don’t understand why the off-duty couldn’t call in a patrol car to assist and make the stop versus jumping out of his car and running up with his weapon drawn. Even as the rider complies with the demands, the cop acts like a jerk-off demanding things, reaching and pulling on the rider.







You can feel the narcissism oozing out of this cop. Not only does the rider comply and explains that he’s unarmed and then reaches for his wallet, the cop grabs it and pulls his id. The rider does a great job of producing this video and explaining throughout with text segments what happened and his perspective of the situation. From what the rider says, the officers claim that he was doing “100+mph is a fabrication and exaggeration”. We also agree with the rider in the sense that this cop took offense to how the rider was driving and decided to use not only his authority, but his gun to scare and lecture the rider. Maybe a good lecture was in the right, but again to pull a weapon on someone is just as careless as the rider driving his bike careless.








Waiving a gun around puts everyone in danger just like what he’s claiming. It’s the same philosophy has chasing a motorcycle. At what point is the risk worth the apprehension of the motorcyclist. Putting every car and pedestrian at risk just to capture a motorcycle for riding a wheelie or speeding puts the cop at as much fault as the rider. The rider also goes on to explain the office has not filed a “Use of Force” report as of 8/28/17 which is mandatory when drawing your weapon. The rider also tracked down the detectives name and is conducting his own investigation on whether the detective has had previous reports similar to this traffic stop. As always , here at, we don’t condone running from the cops on motorcycles, but we do think it’s great content to watch! You have to admit, it’s the ultimate cat and mouse game, and like nature, there’s always a real chance something could go really wrong!





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