Posted on May 27 2017


Now this is a first! We’ll get to that part in a bit so hang tight, but wow! So we start off with a group of streetbikes and motards out for a cruise in the streets. As the crew pulls up to a stoplight, one rider is checking his tire pressure, while the guy filming is instructing the crew to wait for the rest of the riders to show up. So in the mean time, like any natural stunt rider would do, a few of the guys decide to clutch up and circle their bikes in wheelies right in the middle of a busy intersection. One guy seems to be having some technical issues though as when he clutches his bike up, a plume of smoke comes barreling out of his exhaust. From what we hear, this is common when you’re up on one wheel for an extended period of time. Sounds like the oil pick up gets overloaded with oil in the air box causing tons of smoke to shoot out the exhaust.



 Not long after these guys are having a good time in the intersection, we hear sirens and see lights. So as many of the bikers take off like its the Daytona 500, the biker filming this whole thing decides to hang around and see what the first cop has to say. To our surprise, it seems as if this cop is saying keep the front wheel down and get out of here. Right behind this cop is a white patty wagon. Looks like they’re prepared to take a large number of these guys off to jail on this day. So as the rider listens to what the cop says, he takes off, but with only one difference, he doesn’t stay on one wheel. He quickly clutches his bike up as not to be left out of the fun. This guy also feels as if riding in the oncoming lane is better than the other lane. But who knows, they’re the experts, not us. We’re just the spectators.



It is pretty cool to tag along for the ride like this to actually see what the riders see has they scoot down these roads on one wheel. And just when you think you’ve seen it all, as this guy is wheeling, you see his legs, or should we say leg, dangle across the screen. Only problem is, one of his legs are fake. Looks like this guy might have had one major accident at some point and caused him to lose one of his lower limbs. The fact that this guy is still out here doing what he’s doing, well, that’s almost worth a get out of jail for free card all in itself. As always, we here at BikesVsCops do not condone running from the cops, or breaking the law in any kind of way. But what we do like to do is watch videos of motorcycles running from cops and give our spin on it. That’s why our motto is “The Chase Begins Here”




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