Posted on July 18 2017




The BLOX STARZ guys are at it again with a compilation of chases all in one video. The first one we see is a group of bikes all behind a SUV cop with his lights on. We wonder what he must be thinking at this point. Surrounding like a pack of sharks and not knowing who to go after! But they just keep following the cop until for some reason, the cop decides to back off, slow down, and turn off the lights and sirens. Not sure what’s going on here or what the cop is thinking, but the video doesn’t lie. Maybe he had other things to attend to. The next two sections show these guys cruising by cops in wheelies who have people already pulled over on the side of the road. They must not fear the power of the radio or they’re just assuming the cops aren’t or won’t call ahead for assistance to stop these one-wheeled nutzos. The next clip shows a cop waiting in the middle of the road, biting his time on when to inject himself into the chaos and to try and pull one of these guys over.







Eventually he makes his way into the pack, then the camera angle switches to a view pointing backwards at the cop coming after them. This cops seems to have his eye on someone in particular as he passes up several riders and jumps to the front of the pack. This gives one of the riders a perfect opportunity to settle in a wheelie and turn a one handed wheelie into the bird. Makes for a nice meme if you pulled out a screen frame right about here. But this guys wasn’t a faking the funk and hiding out in the back, he jumped up next to the cop and kept the wheelie high and smooth. Just another case of not giving an f&$%#ks. He rides the wheelie out for a long time, even throwing in a series of combinations and various wheelie positions. From what we can tell, he rode off into the night without a trip to county jail. As always , here at, we don’t condone running from the cops on motorcycles, but we do think it’s great content to watch! You have to admit, it’s the ultimate cat and mouse game, and like nature, there’s always a real chance something could go really wrong!





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